Ongoing activities

The project was initiated in August 2012. Currently we are working on the following issues:


Sources and extraction of rare earth elements

- Minerals processing solutions with reduced environmental impact

Read about our previous work in this area:

- Rare earth element extraction from hard disk drive magnets.

- Examining and testing use of magnetic waste fraction (arfvedsonite) for production of bricks and mortar.

- Verification of the rare earth content at Ilímaussaq (Kringlerne) in Greenland and utilisation of tailings from the deposit.

Contact: Andreas Peter Vestbø,, +45 7220 2827


Rare Earth magnets



Read about our previous work in this area:

- Sintered magnets from strip cast alloys

- Facilities for processing of metallic powder, magnetic alignment and sintering

Contact:  Nini Pryds, , +45 4677 5752 and Asger Bech Abrahamsen, , +45 2492 1613


Processes for magnet production

- Testing of low temperature binder with magnetic powders

- Further development of protective coatings for NdFeB powder processing

- Extrusion of aligned ferrite magnets with complex shape

Read about our previous work in this area:

- Shaping of magnet materials

- Investigation of possible corrosion protection during processing and new process routes for production of magnets

Contact: Martin Brorholt Sørensen,, +45 7220 2099



- Strategy development for the efficient recovery of Rare Earth Elements from the waste streams

Read about our previous work in this area:

- Detailed mapping of NdFeB magnets contained in Hard Disk Drives.

Contact: Henrik Wenzel,, +45 6550 7374


Electrical machine designs

- Benchmarking recycled magnets in commercial motors

Read about our previous work in this area:

- Permanent magnet generator for wearable energy harvester

- Coating integrity and magnetic performance of reused magnets

- Development of a recycable magnet design for electric motors and generators

- IP magnet recycling

- Design of electrical machines for easy recycling of critical materials, i.e. copper and permanent magnets. The influence of these construction methods are investigated to clarify how the machine performance is affected and hence which penalties may be incurred.

Contact: Nenad Mijatovic,, +45 4525 3525


Operational magnetic systems - reliability and surface protection

- Development of test setup for combined testing

- Development of thin, sol-gel based protective coating for neo-magnets

Read about our previous work in this area:

- Development of knowledge base for understanding neo-magnet corrosion

- Review and benchmark of neo-magnet coatings

- Development of protocol for corrosion testing and for mechanical testing

Contact: Nikolaj Zangenberg,, +45 7220 2494