Each of the Participating Institutions and Companies has developed special expertise within:
- Research on synthesis of materials for energy system applications such as solid oxide fuel cells, thermoelectric devices and magnetic cooling
- Research on global social and environmental problems.  Focus on sound engineering solutions, system analysis, efficient technologies and Life Cycle Analysis and ressource-efficient technologies
- Research: Cradle-to-cradle development and design of electric machines for wind turbines and electric cars, with respect to recycling of magnetic materials
- Modelling and simulation of magnetic and electromagnetic components
- Provider of technical services: consultancy, materials analysis and testing. Pilot facilities for advanced processing
- Mining of rare earth containd in kakortokite
- Metal powder technology, custom made magnets and high-tech manufacturing processes
- Processing of recycled materials into sellable and marketable products
- Magnetic couplings and bearings based on permanent magnets
- Consulting of the use and properties of the permanent magnets.
- Producing sintered metal components
- Developing and manufacturing wind turbines. Logistics involved for designing, siting and maintaining the turbines is included
- Corrosion mechanisms and corrosion protection in general.
- Coating technology based on the sol-gel approach and steam-based coating systems