In May 2012, Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation gave an assurance of a contribution of 17.7 million DKK for a new Innovation Consortium, which will develop and promote the use of high-end permanent magnets, including development of a strong supply chain, recovery and reuse. The project goals are:

- Establish a secure supply chain of rare earth elements for permanent magnets from deposits in Greenland - and from reuse and recycling

- Improve magnet performance and reduce the usage of critical raw materials by optimisation of microstructure and introduction of nano-domains

- Introduce advanced process technologies, enabling complex geometries and large magnets beyond state-of-the-art

- Improve reliability and lifetime of magnets by adopting new corrosion protection strategies based on coupled analysis of environment and functionality

"A strong and complex project with leading researchers in the fields covered of the research projects." as it was stated by the scientific evaluation committee, and they continue: "The project will undoubtedly contribute to state-of-the-art at a high international level. The project has great innovation quality. If successful the project will have a major societal relevance and impact - both nationally and internationally."

The following companies stand behind the project and are financing the rest of the total budget of 40.5 million DKK.

Envision Energy ApS

FJ Industries A/S

HJ Hansen A/S

Holm Magnetics ApS

Sintex A/S

Tanbreez Mining Greenland A/S

Technoflex ApS

The work is supported by universities and knowledge institutions:

Technical University of Denmark

University of Southern Denmark

Danish Technological Institute



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