Shaping of magnet materials

Development of shaping methods for magnet materials

A binder for metal injection molding of NdFeB magnets has been developed and tested on model compounds. This binder allows low processing temperatures as well as extremely gentle debinding. Processing of NdFeB  with traditional binders used for MIM results in reaction between the reactive alloy and the binder components. Such reactions are irreversible and leads to increased carbon content on the final magnet which in turn lowers coercivity. This binder will allow processing via the MIM process of NdFeB powder as well as other reactive metals without increasing carbon content in the final part.

NdFeB powder has been coated for reduced oxygen uptake during processing. Analysis has shown reduced oxidization of the coated powder. Future work is underway to further decrease powder oxidation.

Contact: Martin Brorholt Sørensen,, +45 7220 2099

Photo: Cylinder injection molded using the new low temperature binder.