Processing of magnetic alloy powder

The aim of the Mixed Rare Earth magnet project is to investigate and implement the processing steps needed to make small scale sintered permanent magnets based on Nd2-y-zPryDyzFe14B metallic alloys. A selection of master alloys with different Pr/Nd and Dy/Nd ratios have been obtained in the form of strip cast materials from leading European industry. Milling of these flakes into small particles is currently being optimized and magnetic characterization of the material is being done using a 16 Tesla superconducting magnet. The design of a vacuum furnace tube is ongoing and processing of magnets with a Nd/Pr/Dy composition corresponding to the Tanbreez mine deposit in Greenland will soon be initiated.


Contact: Nini Pryds, , +45 4677 5752 and Asger Bech Abrahamsen, , +45 2492 1613