High performance magnets are key components in water management, green energy production, as well as in an electrified transport sector, meaning that basic aspects of the Danish infrastructure relies on permanent magnets and REE. Presently, 97% of the production of REE is controlled by China and a 10-fold increase in market prices has recently been seen due to imposed export quotas. 

The Tanbreez deposit can potentially supply 10,000 tons of Rare Earth oxides annually to the market providing enough material for 1700 direct drive permanent magnet wind turbines of 3 MW size almost fulfilling the EU target of 100 GW installed offshore wind capacity by 2030.

The public and private recycling industry will benefit from the REEgain activities.

Rare earhts are present in several products, which are integrated elements of the society:

- Transport: electric hybrid vehicles, hydrogen cars, airplanes and drone airplanes

- Health: MR-Scanners, lasers and sunglasses

- Energy: solar cells, windmills and low energy light sources

- Communication and information: televisions, computers, smart phones, digital cameras and microphones

Therefore, it is clear that strong permanent magnets and a secure supply chain of rare earth elements are important to the society.