'One of the global challenges facing many European countries is access to strategically important raw materials. If we are to retain production of new technology and alternative forms of energy in Europe, companies must have access to critical raw materials'. This is emphasised by Director General and CEO, Karsten Dybvad, DI in Global Benchmark Report 2011. Further, REEs are con-sidered as the raw material with the highest risk, according to The European Commission and a more 'circular economy' is recommended. REE materials and permanent magnets are related to the high-end production - and is acknowledged as a growth industry, where the future industrial jobs will be generated.

Several industrial segments will benefit:

International raw materials and recycling industry: the international interest for the minerals in Greenland may attract new activities. The group is represented in the consortium by Tanbreez Mining Greenland A/S. Although mainly Danish staff is employed by Tanbreez Mining Greenland A/S, it has an international profile, due to its parent Australian based Rimbal Pty Ltd.

The recycling industry: today, enterprises and end users demand lifecycle documentation of products and components from sub-suppliers. Therefore, the recycling industry, here represented by HJ Hansen Recycling, has become increasingly important. In this consortium, new chemical processes and handling of advanced materials will be provided to the mining and recycling industry.

Equipment and component manufacturer: a significant number of SMEs within this sector are subcontractors to the energy sector, water/air management and vehicle industry. Some of the most advanced companies are Sintex, Holm Magnets, FJ Industries and Technoflex, who will take part in this consortium.

In REEgain, new materials and process solutions will be provided to this industry. Also energy technology based companies such as Envision Energy ApS will benefit from the consortium, by the improved components and a safer supply chain.

In addition, Hi-Fi industry, water and air management industry will benefit from this consortium via a more safe supply chain, and a supply of magnets/REE that are traded in the open market.